Fort Lauderdale Probate Lawyers

Fort Lauderdale Probate LawyerDisputes among heirs are common when an estate is settled. When disagreements arise, the probate attorneys at Kahn & Resnik, P.L. can provide confidential legal counsel.

A probate litigation attorney may be needed when someone presents a will for probate that is not valid. Reasons for an invalid will can include lack of testamentary capacity, fraud, or the use of undue influence.

Probate Litigation

  • Estate litigation
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Fraud
  • Guardianship litigation
  • Personal representative (executor) malfeasance
  • Testamentary capacity disputes
  • Trust litigation
  • Trustee malfeasance
  • Undue influence in the creation of a will or trust
  • Will contests

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