International Investing Issues and Risks

Investing in any security requires careful consideration, and investor risk increases considerably with international investing. Special issues and risks when making investments overseas include:

Legal remedies. Where you purchase a security can impact whether you have, and where you can pursue, legal remedies against the foreign company or any other foreign-based entities involved in your transaction, such as a foreign broker. Even if you sue successfully in a U.S. court, you may not be able to collect on a U.S. judgment against a foreign company, entity or person. You may have to rely on legal remedies that are available in the home country, if any.

Working with a broker or investment adviser. If you are working with a broker, make sure the broker is registered with the SEC. It is against the law for a broker, foreign or domestic, to contact you and solicit your investment unless it is registered with the SEC. If you directly contact and work with a foreign broker not registered with the SEC, you may not have all the protections under the laws of the United States as would be the case if the broker were registered with the SEC.

Costs of international investments. International investing can be more expensive than investing in U.S. companies. In some countries there may be unexpected taxes, such as withholding taxes on dividends. In addition, transaction costs such as fees, broker’s commissions and taxes may be higher than in U.S. markets. You also should be aware of the potential effects of currency conversion costs on your investment. Mutual funds that invest abroad may have higher fees and expenses than funds that invest in U.S. securities, in part because of the extra expense of trading in foreign markets.

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