Fort Lauderdale Non-Compete Lawyer

The business and employment attorneys at Kahn & Resnik, P.L., are experienced in non-compete contracts and negotiations on behalf of both business owners and employees. Whether you are an employer who seeks to protect your trade secrets from being lost to a competitor, or an employee who wants to maintain maximum employment flexibility, we can help.

Non-compete agreements must be “reasonable” in order to be enforceable. We understand what constitutes reasonable provisions in regard to:

  • Length of time the non-compete is in effect
  • Geographic area covered by the non-compete
  • Number of business activities that are restricted

Our concierge approach to legal services gives you direct access to your private attorney during the important negotiations associated with the development of an effective non-compete agreement.

Non-Compete Litigation Services

When disputes arise between employers, employees, executives, independent contractors, and other parties to a non-compete issue, we are available to assist in negotiation, litigation or arbitration. Our attorneys are highly experienced in litigation matters in state, federal and appellate courts, and can assist you in seeking damages, injunctive relief, and other legal remedies.

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